Computing 19-20 (1)

Computing for all year groups has commenced for 2019-20. Children start with basic concepts in Yr3 working to advanced techniques in Yr 6. The syllabus covers basic and more advanced sequencing using Lego Wedo sequencing software and modelling blocks. 3D CAD, coding using HopScotch on the Ipad and Spreadsheet problem solving are all covered dependent on the year group. Here is a capture of some of the work completed so far. 


E safety resources for parents

Attached are some excellent resources for helping your child stay say on the internet.

If you have any concerns, follow the links to Think U Know, CEOP or come in and talk to us.

Thinkuknow factsheet for parents_Grooming.pdf

Thinkuknow factsheet for parents_Reporting to CEOP.pdf

Thinkuknow factsheet for parents_Using parental controls.pdf

Thinkuknow factsheet for parents_Worried your child has shared too much online.pdf

Thinkuknow factsheet for parents_Worried your child will see something inappropriate online.pdf