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Your Hour of Code next week

Next week, students in 57,000 classrooms around the world will learn their first Hour of Code, jumping into a field that can change the rest of their lives!

Here’s what you need to know now to make your Hour of Code a success:

1) Choose from final tutorials

Every Hour of Code tutorial is now ready. We’ve been adding more options and improving what’s available every day.

2) Use friendly urls

When you’re ready to start your Hour of Code, write an easy, “friendly url” on the board. Each tutorial has a short link. Instruct students to type it into their browsers to get started.


3) Print certificates and student artwork (NEW)

Generate and print certificates in bulk here. If you use our tutorial Artist with Anna and Elsa, you’ll be able to print your students’ artwork next week, too.

4) Watch inspiring video chats – celebrate computer science all week

Throughout the next week, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher and more will chat with classrooms around the country. Tune into the live chats, or watch the video archives.

5) Find an expert mentor to help your class

Connect with an experienced programmer to help you teach your Hour of Code. Find a mentor

Thanks for your support,

Hadi Partovi,

P.S. Keep supporting computer science! Together, we’re on the cusp of a sea change in education – there are 12 days left to join our crowdfunding campaign. our goal to allow us to train 10,000 teachers to establish new computer science programs and reach 100 million students. Please support this movement.

Yr6 Creating a WebPage with basic HTML tags

More Year 6 children have created HTML Web pages linked to the school topic ‘Space’ .

Below is an example of a webpage with WordPress reading the code along with some snapshots of their work.


Josh’s space page

There are many planets like

  1. Jupiter
  2. Mars
  3. Venus
  4. Saturn
  5. earth
  6. mercury
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune

Did you know?the sun can fit 100,000 earths in it

Picture not available