Y3 S1

Year 3 Using squences and instructions to make things happen

This lesson you will learn the meaning of these words: Input, Output, Sequence, Rules.

This term our main resource will be WeDo


F I can use and create a sequence of instructions.
CC Maths/Literacy

We will be using a sequence of instructions to make things happen around the class and planning our own sequences.

How do we use and look after our Ipads?

Steps to success

TA I can follow a series of real life instructions.
CC link to Science

Real Life Instructions WS1

You will discuss and use instructions to follow a real life course outside.

What is the sequence for using the hundred square?

We will use an orienteering exercise to explore sequences

Plenary- Introduction to WeDo

What do you think these sequences do?

WEDo basic

Steps to Success


I I can identify things I can control by different methods

Steps to Success

You will list and discuss all the different things you can control- and how you control it.
Use this table to order how we control things (inputs) and what happens to them (output)


What else can you come up with?- use the resources on your table.

I I can use simple instructions to control (additional Lesson)
This lesson will help your understanding.
Using kodable, Bee Bot and Daisy the Dinosaur what can you achieve?
What do you learn?
Which is the best?

Use this app to control the on screen logo. Move Turtle

Steps to Success


Plenary- What is E Safety? Discussion and practical examples.