Y3 S2

F I can build in variables into my instructions to carry out a more specific outcome. (using Daisy the Dino and draw turtle iPad)

CC Literacy/Maths Today we will use numbers (variables) to draw shapes. We will need to decide:  How much? How Fast?

We will be controlling an onscreen turtle. We will create a set of instructions which will help our maths.

Steps to Success


TA I can give instructions to control real life  (we Do)

CC Science- We will be looking at sequences and control and how this links to real life.

Yr3 S2 WeDo Lego Intro

Steps to Success

I I can compare different Apps and what they can do- based on your learning from before can you compare the apps

Which add would you use to give you simple instructions?
Which app would you use to tell a story?
Which is the best app?

Which App will allow you to take a photo?

Steps to Success

I I can edit a sequence to do things in the real world – sequencing and writing link.
Can you identify the mistake in the sequence and correct it.

I have provided you with lots of instructions from last week-you will need to understand why it is wrong and correct it.

Plenary- Safety Role Play

What would you do in this situation?

You have won an iPad- Click here.

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