Y3 S5 Project

We have already used WeDo to create models and control them with  computer sequences  to simulate real life things.

Let’s now use our learnt skills to create a model yacht and see if we can use a sensor to count how many times it rocks in the sea.

We will use decomposition to analyse how sequences work and use our knowledge to construct new sequences to control the yacht.


The Project:

  • Build the WeDo yacht.
  • Create a sequence that will make the yacht rock backwards and fowards.
  • Use existing skills to add a background, message and sound.
  • Use the tilt sensor and a second sequence to count the motion.
  • Debug any problems

Refer to previous tutorials for help if required.

Computing Y3 S5 yacht Project TA support doc

Yr3 S5 Project build yacht SC


F Group God’s Wonderful World This Friday we will be going to the Church. Today we will create images that represent God’s Wonderful World.

Steps to Success

Using colour filters