Y4 S1

This term we will use sketch up (free download here) and 2 DIY

F I can build basic instructions into a sequence (iPads)
CC Litearcy All about Me

Steps to success

You will learn what the word Procedure means.

We will be using the Hopscotch App to sequence and make a story

What types of inputs does hopscotch use? What type of outputs are there?

TA I can identify the properties of 2d and 3d objects (sketch up- laptops)
CC History and Geography/Maths

Steps to Success

Settlements – sketch up How many shapes can you see in this picture. What can you see in this picture? What is th most common shape we can see?

How can you follow instructions to make a picture similar to this?

Watch this film- what do you think you have to do?

Why would you use this?

Help Videos- Progress from basics to more advanced. Use you ipad and PC together. (In a few weeks time you will make your own help video!)


Peer reveiw- which drawing is best? Who has used the most different types of shapes.

I I can make a movie by sequencing photos (iPads iMovie)

CC History and Geography
Make a movie about all the different types of buidings you might find in a settlement. Follow my help video- and then create your own instructions.

Steps to success


Old version

Link to Maths and Data Handling- what type of house do you live in? How are the results presented?

I I can collect and present Data about ICT (additional Lesson)
You will carry out an Investigation/survey to find out about peoples use of ICT. Watch the film to help you with your ideas. At the end of the lesson you will have created a graph that tells me something. Help Video

Steps to Success

What type of smart phone do you have?

What type of tablet do you have?

Who has the most devices at home?

Which apps do people have?

Plenary- ESafety
What is it?