Y4 S2


F I can use a detailed range of commands for a specific goal.

Today we are going to use hopscotch to make a game that uses different inputs.

CC link to Maths.

Steps to success


TA I can decompose a problem into steps. CC History Romans in Chester.

Can you make this? This was the Roman Gateway in Chester. (Roman Eastgate or ‘Porta Principia Sinistra’)

Steps to Success

Roman Eastgate or Porta Principia Sinistra from a model in the Grosvenor Museum..

A reconstruction of a Roman Fortess Gateway at Castlefields, Manchester

Where would you start? What shapes can you see?


Above is just one idea, what will you do?

For more ideas of building to create go to http://www.chestertourist.com/Feature1.htm

Next week you will use Mine Craft.

I I can compare apps and how they help me learn about sequences.

Steps to Success

I can compare different Apps to identify which is the most effective. We will be using Move turtle, Hopscotch and Garage Band.

You will need to evaluate the different apps and how they can help you learn.
Help: http://movetheturtle.com/


Homework- Scratch how is this similar?

End of Session Assessment