Y4 S4

F Group

Today you will learn how to manipulate photos but most importantly share them with the world. This skill will allow you to be inspired and inspire others; collaborating to improve.

TA Group

Yr4 Computing S4 

Algorithms / Inputs / Outputs / Variables / mathematical Sequences

Model Aeroplane (Simulating Physical Systems)

We have learnt that computing is not just surfing the internet and playing games, what we are learning is how to use a computer for sequencing, control and simulation. We have already been introduced and should understand the following terms:

  • Inputs / Variables
  • Instructions or Rules (algorithms)
  • Sequences
  • Outputs

Today you will use Lego WeDo to create and control a simulated physical system

Build and control an aeroplane steps to success

Below is the link to the work sheets for this session

Yr4 S4 WeDo Aeroplane sequence Control support document



I group

Today you will be learning all about searching the Internet. This skill is essential. We will look at how the internet is formed and how useful it is to you.