Y4 S5 Project

We have learnt that computing is not just surfing the internet and playing games, what we are learning is how to use a computer for sequencing, control and simulation. We have already been introduced and should understand the following terms:

  • Inputs / Variables
  • Instructions or Rules (algorithms)
  • Sequences
  • Outputs

We have already used WeDo to create models and control them with  computer sequences  to simulate real life things.

Let’s now use our learnt skills to create a model monkey which drums and see if we can use a sensor to count how many beats.

We will use decomposition to analyse how sequences work and use our knowledge to construct new sequences to control the monkey.

The Project:

  • Build the WeDo drumming monkey.
  • Create the sequence code that will make the monkey drum.
  • Use existing skills to add a background, message and sound.
  • Use the optical sensor and a second sequence to count the beats.
  • Debug any problems

Refer as required to previous tutorials for help and examples if required.

Yr4 S5 Project Drumming Monkey support doc

Drumming Monkey Steps to success


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