Y5 S1

F I can use basic code to make a program (Scratch- Laptops and Snap- Ipads)
CC Science/Maths and Literacy
Steps to Success




We will learn what procedures, rules, Script and Sprite mean.

Coding teaches you how to think.

We will be learning about a new language and how we can break up our lives into a language. We will start by using scratch/Snap to make something happen!

You will start by having a go on yourself!
Does this video inspire you?
You will eventually work to creating your own game- your own rules.


TA I can create computer code  –  an introduction to structured programming using Hopscotch on the Ipad

Support Document intro to HopScotch

Hopscotch introduction steps to success



I can investigate a tutorial: I can solve coding problems.

Steps to Success

You will work your way through http://www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/play Lost in Space / Collision with an asteroid

You will need to report back what you have do, and most importantly- what you learnt.

What is E Safety?

esfety yt