Y6 S2

Session 2 I can use and write with code for a purpose.

F TA I can write code for a specific purpose.
We will continue to use code. This session will build on your learning from last week and have you applying the code for a specific purpose. To create a science website.

Steps to Success

Try it

I I can write and use code through a tutorial.
You will be challenged to follow the lessons and explain what you are doing and why.

Help Sheet

Click to access level1_html_reference.pdf

Images with source details for use with Code Avengers tutorial
Open Clip Art Org

Using HTML to create your own Web Page based on your topic.

Creating your own themed web page  Space Themed

Cadbury World Support Doc

steps to success



Steps to Success
Hop Scotch: Visual Coding on your iPad


I Cross Curricular Project- I can create buildings to scale.

Building on last weeek – but this week we need to be more accurate. Using Sketch up can you design a settlement. Use the videos to help you- It must be to scale. The Year 6 one will allow you to add more detail.

Example code space

Cadbury example codedocx