Y6 S5 Project

Abstraction (Using object orientated programming language)

Design / Logical Reasoning / Procedures (Abilities) / Debugging

 Creating your own unique application 

We have now used Hopscotch to create a game as a whole group teach which involved getting a character across a road safely to a home target.

Now it is your turn to create an application (game) of your own.

You will need to think about:

  • The design, what are the rules / instructions (Algorithms)?
  • What sprites (characters) are you going to use?
  • What abilities are you going to use.
  • How are you going to move your sprites (tap screen / tilt Ipad / X,Y random ?)
  • Debugging if things do not work as expected.

The Challenge:

Create a fun game using Hopscotch on the Ipad.

It should have rules and include as much of the following.

  • Movement of a Sprite (using abilites (procedures))
  • An Ability you have created yourself
  • Bumps with another sprite or text (emoji)
  • Conditional Text (what is displayed if a bump occurs)
  • Loops (repeats)
  • A change of the background colours

Refer as required to the previous tutorials for help and examples.

Yr6 S5 Hopscotch Project

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