Y6 S1

I can write a set of instructions to code.

This lesson will teach you about

Key Questions:
How are websites written?
How can we make sure a website can be read on different devices around the world?

National Currucum Area Covered
design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or simulating physical systems; solve problems by decomposing them into smaller parts.

Video Prompt

F I can write a set of code to control and begin to identify errors.

Today we have an introduction to code- writing and using some key instructions. We will carry this out as an Investigation- trialling to see what they do and how it works.

Example webpage     This is a website- from behind!

Smiley face   Link to a smiley face

Basic HTML Code

Glossary of Code – here is a complete  list of code

Use Try it to check it works.

HTML Introduction

Yr6 S1 SC

The above link to a pdf document will show you how to quickly create your own web page listing your favourite things. Use it in conjunction with the Try it link.

If you cannot copy from the pdf document above, below is a document with image links you can copy and then paste in the ‘try it’ editor.

Favourites img links

Example code to cut & paste into the Try It Editor

You will link this to your science topic.

Plenary: Take the Quiz http://www.w3schools.com/quiztest/quiztest.asp?qtest=HTML – this can also be used as you start point!


Steps to Success

TA Cross Currcular I can edit and improve code on a website to check it is clear to read.

We will be looking at our Science work and a website design. How can we evaluate it and make it clear.


https://gingercoons.makes.org/thimble/human-html-tag-puzzle (remix)

You will use this set of text code to indentify what the different areas could mean. Use your reading inference skills to compare and work out what the different types of codes mean.

Steps To Success

I I can program a set of instructions.
Use the Hour of Code app- Code Academy- follow the online instructions.

At the end you will need to apply the learning to your Steps to Success Sheet.

Steps to success sheet

I Cross Curricular Problem Solving

This term we are studying settlements- can you create a map of a settlement using ICT? You can use anything you want to, but you must meet the success criteria.

Steps to success sheet

This term we will be using w3 schools and Mozilla thimble use code


E safety
What is E Safety?