Year 6 Using Computing to Control Outputs

Session 1
Lesson Objective I can control output devices with a simple set of instructions.
Success Criteria To be successful you will need to create a series of instructions to control a Output (lights)
Key Questions What is Control?Where is it?How do we use it?How does it impact on our future?

Could this skill apply to all forms of control?


We are initially going to discuss control and then going to use Flowal 3 to control?

We are going to use Flowal 3 to control a series of scenarios:

Flowal Patrol lights

Flowal Bridge lights.

Open up Flowal and insert the mimic for Zebra Crossing.

You will need to be familiar with the different Control Instructions (Page 8) and you can follow the Tutorial to help you F3Tutorial.pdf Page 8 and 9.

Extension: Can you now control the bridge lights? Can both sides be green at the same time?
Plenary How can we control the future?Introduce the Police Car- How can we control this?Look at discussion comments and points thinking about how control applies to their lives.
Skills you will need The tutorial outlines the skills you will need.
Extension Can we control our Robots with simple instructions?